Patty Murphy

Sotheby's International Realty

Patty Murphy’s real estate expertise spans over 30 years specializing in country estates, ranches and vineyards. With a proven record of selling some of the most prestigious properties on the Central Coast of California including the sale of the 3,300-acre Bar Go Ranch and the Murphy-Goode wine business, Patty is proud of the distinguished clientele that she has the pleasure to represent. About Patty Murphy Santa Ynez Patty is an accomplished equestrian as well as avid conservationist with a unique skill set evolved from years in various business ventures from working for Pepsico in Puerto Rico to managing Winchester Canyon Farms, an organic farming business in Santa Barbara. Her BA is from UCSB and she will be forever grateful for her education bringing her to this stunning part of the planet to work every day at something she loves.